Cyber tyre

Tyre electronics (like the microchip contained in the Cyber Tyre, which allows to monitor changing road surface conditions by sending the vehicle key information for stability and safe driving), represent a path for Pirelli’s premium innovation strategy.

The Tyre System project represents one of the most technologically advanced and innovative programmes at Pirelli, as well as the entire tyre industry and beyond (wireless sensor field).

Industrial research activity relies on the contribution of specialised knowledge from both the academic and industrial communities during the development phase.

In collaboration with the Turin Polytechnic, Pirelli has set up a Tyre System research laboratory. Initially located in an area provided by the Turin Polytechnic and now the permanent home of the Pirelli Technological Centre in Settimo Torinese, this joint effort aims to maximise the development of know-how and effectiveness of development activities. The Centre is staffed with personnel from Pirelli, the Turing Polytechnic and other resources (suppliers, visiting scientists and students) who have different but extremely interdependent expertise and offer synergies. Finally, the JOINT LABS agreement between Pirelli and the Milan Polytechnic also focuses on the intelligent tyre (Cyber Tyre), with the development of mathematical models which allow the chip contained in the Cyber Tyre to “interpret” different road surface conditions.

CYBER FLEETTM; is the innovative monitoring system perfected by Pirelli for road haulers. After a total of 28 trucks equipped with 176 sensors travelled a total of approximately 7 million kilometres during different phases of testing, from Germany to Sweden and from Italy to Brazil, it was shown that the reduction in operating costs in consequence of lower fuel consumption and longer tyre life amounts to about euro 1,000/year for the vehicles operating in Europe and a comparable figure for the vehicles operating in Brazil.

Using a telematic box and special sensors applied on the inner surfaces of the tyres, the system transmits data about tyre condition to a central infrastructure.

This permits monitoring of the principal operating parameters, such as pressure and temperature, through real-time reporting of the situation to the fleet operator, while also warning the operator of punctures or other hazardous events. Pirelli offers vehicle management advice to fleets.

The sensor is not damaged and the data are not lost even if the tyre is rebuilt.